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No injustice was ever ended by covering it up. Expose abortion in your community!

The reason we have been losing this fight for more than four decades is because too few Americans are upset about abortion. And they aren’t upset because too many of us are afraid to upset them. People have to be bothered by abortion before they will do anything to stop it, and our pictures bother people. When abortion is hidden, abortion is tolerated. When it is seen, everything changes. As people stumble upon pictures of abortion they begin to see it as more than evil. They will begin to see it as ultimate evil.

In any random group of 10,000 Americans there are surely two or three whose hearts are convicted about the plight of preborn children, and who would be willing to sacrifice a couple hours of their time each month to expose the truth and stop the killing. Every town in this country has pro-lifers who *could* hold these pictures up at the busiest intersections where they live. ACP exists to supply them with abortion victim signs, with a security camera, with a unified strategy, and with any training they need to conduct this work.

Two or three pro-lifers displaying these images will turn their hometown upside down. They can stop the pretending. They can end the killing. If you are 21 or older, and want to be a part of history in ending this moral outrage, start by sending us some information about yourself by filling out the form below and we will contact you with more details on starting a chapter in your town.

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Ready to Start a Chapter?

Establishing a chapter is easy! We provide all the training, signs and video recording equipment (for our volunteers’ safety).

Chapter Director Duties

In a nutshell, our chapter directors are responsible for organizing peaceful abortion victim displays in public areas (typically along a sidewalk of a busy street) using our “Choice” signs at least once a month (9 months out of the year).

Basic Requirements

  • 2 year minimum commitment to lead and direct a chapter
  • Commitment to go out at least once a month (9 months out of the year)
  • Must be 21 or older
  • Become a donor (minimum one-time $50, or $5 per month)