The Anti-Choice Project is a national, grassroots movement of pro-lifers systematically exposing abortion in their own hometowns. Horrifying pictures always offend but, historically, they are the key to social reform. The map below shows locations where ACP Chapters are currently established. If you live nearby one of these cities, you can sign-up to get involved and start exposing injustice and saving babies with us. If you are interested in adding your hometown to this map, start by filling out our chapter application today.

ACP Bellingham
Bellingham, Washington
Director: Bridget Adams

ACP Bremerton
Bremerton, Washington
Directors: Andrew St.Hilaire and Tom Herring

ACP Charlotte
Charlotte, North Carolina
Director: Seth Williams

ACP Cullowhee
Cullowhee, North Carolina
Director: Melissa Stiwinter


ACP Dallas
Dallas, Texas
Director: Colby Sims

ACP Dayton
Dayton, Ohio
Director: Shannon King-Allen

ACP Houston
Houston, Texas
Director: Jeff Boutte

ACP Lincoln
Lincoln, Nebraska
Directors: Terry, Christina, & John Paul St.Hilaire

ACP Missoula
Missoula, Montana
Director: Amy Stinnett

ACP Torrance
Torrance, California
Director: José Peña

ACP Washington, DC
Washington, DC
Director: Lauren Handy

Apply to Start a Chapter

Establishing a chapter is easy! We provide all the training, signs and video recording equipment (for our volunteers’ safety). Minimum requirements include protesting at least once a month, being 21 or older, and becoming a donor (one-time $50, or $5 per month).


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