ACP Billboard – Planned Parenthood Aborts 1 Unborn Baby Every 95 Seconds

This week, ACP has launched a new billboard message in Bellingham, Washington. It simply reads:

Planned Parenthood aborts 1 unborn baby every 95 seconds.

Anti-Choice Project Billboard on Planned Parenthood

This billboard is displayed just a few blocks from a Planned Parenthood abortion facility and we will be running the message in other locations soon. You can help us fund more billboards by supporting the Anti-Choice Project with a tax-deductible donation.

Planned Parenthood Abortions – The Math

Planned Parenthood has repeatedly claimed that abortion makes up only 3% of their “services”, which then gets regurgitated by Leftist pundits on mainstream news outlets and by politicians in order to obfuscate the fact that abortion is a mission-critical part of their business model. The truth is, if it weren’t for abortion Planned Parenthood would have no reason to exist at all.

So, let’s cut the nonsense and put the misleading 3% number into context.

According to Planned Parenthood’s latest annual report (2017-2018), they performed a total of 332,757 abortion procedures. So, here’s the math behind our billboard message:

  • 365 days x 24 hours x 60 minutes x 60 seconds = 31,536,000 seconds per year
  • 31,536,000 seconds / 332,757 abortions
  • = 1 baby killed by Planned Parenthood every 94.77 seconds

In other words, in the time it takes…

…to brush your teeth;

…to scroll through a few Facebook posts;

…to get through a couple of commercials on TV;

…an innocent baby is being torn to pieces by Planned Parenthood abortionists.

It’s really happening. And we must frequently remind ourselves of this reality, and wake Americans up to it, as it’s all too easy to become complacent and numb to the sheer volume of babies being slaughtered each day in America.

Of course, abortions are being performed by other facilities, too, but Planned Parenthood is by far the biggest abortion provider in the US. They’re also the face of the abortion industry and movement in America and thus the focus of our message for this billboard. When Planned Parenthood and their apologists in the media downplay the number of babies they kill each year, we need to help Americans understand the truth. When people drive by a Planned Parenthood facility, they should see it as the #1 abortion mill in America.

Live Action and others have done a great job of breaking down the 3% figure in other ways worth examining. It’s also important to keep in mind that many of Planned Parenthood’s contraceptive services include forms of abortion. But by simply pointing out to people that Planned Parenthood kills a baby every 95 seconds, we can easily dispell the notion that abortion is by any means a small and insignificant part of their business.

On Exploiting Post-Abortion Grief

I’ve always had a bit of a fascination with the topic of post-abortion recovery. Too often, I think we put all of our energy into the ‘preventative’ side of pro-life ministry while almost completely neglecting the emotional fallout people got through after making the choice to kill their child. Obviously, we are concerned with saving the innocent lives of the unborn. And that absolutely needs to be primary. But the psychological state of mind people need to be in—in order to make the decision to abort—can’t be completely demonized. Far too often, women have simply bought into the lies that what they are doing isn’t just ‘not bad’, but probably the better, more humane choice for their child! Or should I say… for their “clump of fetal tissue”? Those who choose abortion are absolutely victims too.

What bearing this has on the pro-life community might be a little sobering. How do we treat victims? Are we shaming and blaming more than seeking to build bridges? What is the proper response to demonstrate when one has the knowledge that someone has been through an abortion? One thing I would like to propose is that we make concerted efforts not to exploit grief. While there are a couple groups dedicated to helping pro-choice people make sense of their post-abortion experience… this topic is not dealt with extensively at the Pro-Choice water-coolers. Not by a long shot. You have to staunchly maintain the triviality of the decision to abort in order to keep selling it. This is why Planned Parenthood does not offer post-abortion counseling despite studies indicating the significant psychologically negative effects women experience after abortion. Read More

Abortion: A Biblical ‘Choice’?

There is a growing and alarming twist in the Pro-Choice narrative… and it’s about to spread like wildfire. Up until very recently, despite distorting the science and procedural facts of abortion by controlling the language used, abortion proponents have more or less left morality alone. In a post-Christian society, it’s been enough to wave the banner or progressivism and women’s rights… but they can never quite seem to fully eradicate the buzz of pesky Christians claiming that abortion is evil.

Enter stage left: Willie J. Parker, M.D. As one of the last abortion providers in the state of Mississippi, Parker has been identified as a sort of moral crusader for abortion for the past few years giving interviews and even sermons about his conversion from pro-life views. And he’s now published a book: Life’s Work: a Moral Argument for Choice.

“The protesters say they’re opposed to abortion because they’re Christian,” Parker says. “It’s hard for them to accept that I do abortions because I’m a Christian.”

This book is going to used as a serious blow to pro-lifers who currently dominate the spiritual landscape relatively unchallenged.  Parker is both a doctor and a ‘Christian’, so the Appeal to Authority fallacy will be in full effect. In his recent interview with New York Times writer Ana Marie Cox, Dr. Parker discussed why he has converted to the view that providing abortions is compatible with his faith.  As is common with the pro-choice crowd, he shows off a bit of verbal gymnastics designed to woo readers with his intelligence rather than incite them to critical thinking. It’s easy to justify doing abortions when you convince yourself that the baby is not a person. Parker has coined a fairly new phrase that I’m certain does not have a long history in Ethics 101 classes across America: “A fetus is not a person; it’s a human entity.”  Yes, he tells himself he is not ending a “life”… but an abstract idea that has yet to mature into reality. And his professional and spiritual credibility will pass this nonsense off as fact. Read More

Alternative Facts: The “Pro-Choice” Stance

The following is a guest contribution by Luke Garrison from

This January marked the 44th anniversary of the worst Supreme Court decision since Plessy vs Ferguson, Roe vs Wade. 7 of the 9 unelected human beings on the Court ruled that it is a Constitutional Right for a mother to kill her child, depending on location. One of the most consistently well-attended, and greatly ignored yearly protests, the March for Life, took place again on Friday, January 27th in Washington, D.C. Meanwhile, President Trump re-signed into law Reagan’s policy of not providing federal funds to any international organization that kills babies, Paul Ryan is leading the charge to defund Planned Parenthood, and we’ve been promised a pro-life Supreme Court Justice (and the nomination of Neil Gorsuch appears to make good on this promise). All signs so far point to this administration being very against killing babies, and one of the most sure-fire ways to watch the Left lose their minds is to get in their way of killing babies.

So why is it that those on the Left advocate so strongly for the “right” to kill babies? If you ask them, they’ll give you a plethora of meaningless answers including, but not limited to: “It’s no one’s business what I do with my body,” “It’s not murder because it’s just a bundle of cells that needs me to survive,” “Keep your rosaries off my ovaries,” “People will still do it whether it’s legal or not,” and the ultimate “Women’s Rights are Human Rights.” Let’s take a look at some of these arguments.

Probably the loudest thing you’ve seen recently on your social media, or on the news from the “Woman’s March,” is TRUMP/MEN/OTHER PEOPLE DON’T GET TO TELL ME WHAT TO DO WITH MY BODY. They’re, of course, correct. As I’m fond of saying, nobody cares what other people do with their private lives. Those who are pro-life tend to lean to the Conservative side. They are not supportive of the government being all up in your business.  So, let me say it very clearly for those in the back: I do not care what you do with your body. Not one bit. Live your life. I do care, however, what you do to the body inside your body. The Atlantic recently released a pro-abortion piece called “How the Ultrasound Pushed the Idea that the Fetus is a Person.” This was in the same section as “How the Telescope Propagandized that there are Other Planets” and “How the X-Ray Made People Think that Bones Break.” The actual science deniers strike again. Contrary to the alternative facts used to justify the killing, there is a human being present inside every pregnant woman. You may not care, but your attempts to say there isn’t one are provably untrue. It’s literally science.

“It’s Just a Bundle of Cells”

This brings us to the “Bundle of Cells” argument. Those who perpetuate this argument are either ignorant or liars. First off, I’m just a bundle of cells, you reading this are just a bundle of cells, and my daughter was a bundle of cells from the moment of her conception until this moment right now when I wish she was a sleeping bundle of cells. The particular number of cells in the bundle does not affect the humanity of said bundle. Location also doesn’t determine the humanity of a Bundle of Cells. Everyone agrees (for now) that once a baby is born, you shouldn’t be allowed to murder them. What is the difference in humanity between that moment, and the moment before when the child was still inside the mother? I wasn’t aware that vaginas magically bestow humanity. Read More

ACP February 2016 Quarterly Newsletter

The following is from our quarterly newsletter. You can be among the first to receive our printed newsletter and see previous issues here.

For several months ACP has been in discussions with a professional, pro-life graphic design company and enlisted their assistance with creating and marketing quality memes that can be shared widely on Facebook. With these memes we are reaching tens of thousands of pro-lifers who are able to then share the meme on their own Facebook profiles where it appears in the news feed of many of their friends. This is an incredibly high-impact-low-cost way of reaching people with our message. Here are images of three such memes:


The National Scourge of Abortion

Forty-three years after Roe v. Wade it is easy to become discouraged — and perhaps even experience a dark sense of despair about ever ending abortion. Many of us have been praying and fighting for the lives of babies for as long as we can remember, and still the country seems paralyzed with inaction. It is true that our progress on the national scene can be described as modest, at best. But we cannot lose hope on account of that. Here are three reasons why: Read More

A Pre-Rally Pep Talk

A Pre-Rally Pep Talk

Sometimes it doesn’t feel worth it. When millions of protestors collectively gather this month at their respective capitols, we know not to expect a camera crew. We know the internet will ignore the story, the nightly news will be talking about the weather and latest police brutality and numbers of people purported to be at the marches wildly and deliberately underestimated. The average politician heading up the capitol steps for his daily duties will keep his eyes glued to his smartphone and avoid eye contact with the hoards of people. And commuters will simply get their GPS to reroute them to their destination where they won’t be impeded by a wall of pro-life people trying hard to make their message heard. No one’s fazed.

And I ask all the disheartened protestors to consider: what are you doing this for? Why take your time and brave the elements year after year to hold signs, to pray, to gather in solidarity against the crime of abortion when it seems no one is listening? Have we as a cause, grown irrelevant?

I think now, more than ever, we have to remember to keep our focus. We have to persevere knowing that the media never has and never will distill the full truth about reality. We don’t know whose hearts are touched and we don’t know who’s lives will be saved. Pro-lifers have been battling for decades now and there has been tremendous ground gained through various laws and provisions that make abortions more limited. There simply isn’t any room to back down. We know they aren’t.

But as has been made abundantly clear, laws don’t dictate morals. And while the religious footing we once stood on becomes increasingly ignored in our post-christian society, we know that we have a very strong case in the science world. So we redouble our efforts, focusing on human ethics. Remembering that our goal isn’t to save lives and mark the statistic like tallies on a chalk board… but to change culture. To do that, we can’t go away. We have to commit to this for the long haul. There has to be an unbreakable link between every generation that refuses to stand by idle so long as children are being killed.

The news might ignore us but our presence will be felt everywhere we go. We will be on street corners, whether they ignore us or not. We will write legislation. We will lobby for change. So whether you are at the rallies or there in spirit, know that your efforts are not in vain, and your importance not measured by Facebook likes on a photo nor viewer statistics at the news station. You are doing incredible work; stand strong… because lives depend on it.

3 Simple Ways to Have a Pro-Life Christmas

In the middle of the shopping and parties and baking as we get ready for the birth of the Divine Child at Christmas, I think it’s important to pause for a minute and reflect on some ways we can honor those who did not get a chance to be born. In all wars, we need to pause the fighting and propaganda to take just a minute to remember the fallen— in this case, those lost through the horrors of abortion.

Three Wise MenSo I propose three easy things anyone can do to have a truly pro-life Christmas and honor the memory of our lost generations. In doing these, perhaps the most important thing to consider is the message we are giving our own children. Regardless of our instruction on the matter or our protests outside clinics or our dutiful donations we send off every month, children of pro-lifers are not necessarily guaranteed to follow in their parents’ convictions. But by somehow making the loss felt and the individual lives meaningful through simple, tangible means, our children may be nurtured in a very real way to consider the tragedy of abortion as a grave injustice against all human beings. Read More

Abortion Industry: The Misunderstood Victim?

Abortion Industry: The Misunderstood Victim?

If it’s on the internet, it must be true right? Most thinking people know this to be false, even if many, many people still fall prey to false statistics, misrepresented quotes and scientific “facts” that circle around cyber world every day. It’s easy to be skeptical of memes and Facebook photos. But the number of thinking people is reduced when ‘facts’ are peddled by presumably credible sources like “news agencies” or journalists.

It’s just a pity that we lose brain cells sorting through this sort of drivel. Although Danielle Campoamor—a vocal, pro-choice freelance writer— begins her piece by raising some interesting points about social taboos in public discussion, she then devalues the entire thinking process by ending her piece with false statements like this:

“Society has manipulated abortion and the way in which it is viewed, changing it from a medical procedure to an exhausted topic of debate.”

Um, what? Abortion has always been a topic of debate and was never once in history left untouched as simply a “medical procedure.” Even the words by the majority opinion author of Roe vs. Wade (Justice Harry Blackmun) say as much in 1973: “We forthwith acknowledge our awareness of the sensitive and emotional nature of the abortion controversy, of the vigorous opposing views, even among physicians, and of the deep and seemingly absolute convictions that the subject inspires.” It was always considered much, much more than just a medical procedure even from its proponents. Read More

ACP November 2015 Quarterly Newsletter

The following is from our quarterly newsletter. You can be among the first to receive our printed newsletter and see previous issues here.

In September we were contacted by Melissa Stiwinter of Cullowhee, North Carolina. Melissa wanted to start a chapter of the Anti-Choice Project in her home town. Cullowhee is a college town, and since one quarter of all abortions are performed on college-age women, Melissa’s outreach to those in her community will be especially effective. After receiving eight of our “Choice” signs in the mail, she wrote, “WOW! The signs are much more powerful in person. What an impact this is going to have on our small communities here in WNC [Western North Carolina]. As my 10 year old daughter says ‘We just want to save the babies!’ Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to make a difference! The Holy Spirit in jumping inside me and I know great things are to come from this project.”

Melissa Stiwinter (right), with volunteers in Cullowhee, NC on campus at Western Carolina University, October 30th

Melissa Stiwinter (right), with volunteers in Cullowhee, NC on campus at Western Carolina University, October 30th

We thank Melissa — and all our chapter directors — for their courage and dedication to lead the charge against a culture of death and expose the evil of abortion. Read More

6 Phrases About Pregnancy that Need to Go Away

gotIf you’ve been following this blog at all for the past year, you will find several posts that hit on the importance of words—choosing the right language is critical in framing the pro-life debate. Words have the power to shape culture… and vice versa. And aside from the obvious deceptions like “reproductive choice”, “fetal tissue” or “product of conception”, there are several other much more mundane phrases in our vocabulary that well meaning people use all the time. Some of these ought to be reconsidered…

1. “Mommy-to-Be”

We all hear this applied to pregnant women and it seems cute and benign, but the reality is different. Motherhood does not begin at birth. If we believe that life begins at conception, we have to believe that this ‘life’ has a mother; when a woman becomes pregnant, she becomes a mother. Getting used to the word mother applied to pregnant women, the truth is inherently pointed out that a child, (not just a “non-person until birth”) is inside of her. Read More