ACP Billboard – Planned Parenthood Aborts 1 Unborn Baby Every 95 Seconds

This week, ACP has launched a new billboard message in Bellingham, Washington. It simply reads:

Planned Parenthood aborts 1 unborn baby every 95 seconds.

Anti-Choice Project Billboard on Planned Parenthood

This billboard is displayed just a few blocks from a Planned Parenthood abortion facility and we will be running the message in other locations soon. You can help us fund more billboards by supporting the Anti-Choice Project with a tax-deductible donation.

Planned Parenthood Abortions – The Math

Planned Parenthood has repeatedly claimed that abortion makes up only 3% of their “services”, which then gets regurgitated by Leftist pundits on mainstream news outlets and by politicians in order to obfuscate the fact that abortion is a mission-critical part of their business model. The truth is, if it weren’t for abortion Planned Parenthood would have no reason to exist at all.

So, let’s cut the nonsense and put the misleading 3% number into context.

According to Planned Parenthood’s latest annual report (2017-2018), they performed a total of 332,757 abortion procedures. So, here’s the math behind our billboard message:

  • 365 days x 24 hours x 60 minutes x 60 seconds = 31,536,000 seconds per year
  • 31,536,000 seconds / 332,757 abortions
  • = 1 baby killed by Planned Parenthood every 94.77 seconds

In other words, in the time it takes…

…to brush your teeth;

…to scroll through a few Facebook posts;

…to get through a couple of commercials on TV;

…an innocent baby is being torn to pieces by Planned Parenthood abortionists.

It’s really happening. And we must frequently remind ourselves of this reality, and wake Americans up to it, as it’s all too easy to become complacent and numb to the sheer volume of babies being slaughtered each day in America.

Of course, abortions are being performed by other facilities, too, but Planned Parenthood is by far the biggest abortion provider in the US. They’re also the face of the abortion industry and movement in America and thus the focus of our message for this billboard. When Planned Parenthood and their apologists in the media downplay the number of babies they kill each year, we need to help Americans understand the truth. When people drive by a Planned Parenthood facility, they should see it as the #1 abortion mill in America.

Live Action and others have done a great job of breaking down the 3% figure in other ways worth examining. It’s also important to keep in mind that many of Planned Parenthood’s contraceptive services include forms of abortion. But by simply pointing out to people that Planned Parenthood kills a baby every 95 seconds, we can easily dispell the notion that abortion is by any means a small and insignificant part of their business.