911 Call Reveals Botched Abortion in Everett, WA

Abortion is legal, but it is certainly not rare or safe for women and their unborn children. Thanks to the good folks at Abortion in Washington and their excellent investigative reporting, we now know with certainty what a recent ambulance visit to Planned Parenthood in Everett, WA was all about.

Nothing to see here. Planned Parenthood staff attempts to cover up the scene.

Today, AIW released the audio of a Planned Parenthood staffer named Pamela calling 911, on March 18, 2011, to report that they needed transportation to the hospital for a “patient who is bleeding.” Listen to the audio here:

This is not the first botched abortion in recent memory. So-called “safe” abortions come with a laundry list of complications, not to mention a lifetime of regret for the mother. Like abortion’s devastating effect on unborn children, so must we expose its effect upon women.