ACP Billboard Reminds Kitsap County to Vote Pro-Life

Last week our first-ever billboard began showing in Kitsap County, Washington, reminding tens of thousands of daily commuters to Vote Pro-Life.

Anti-Choice Project Pro-Life Billboard
Those who see our billboard and visit the special website we have set up at will be welcomed by a message addressed to voters:When it comes to choosing our representatives, there should be certain positions which automatically disqualify a candidate from earning our vote. For example, a candidate who promotes and advocates white supremacy — regardless of how much his economic, environmental, or other policies align with our own view — would never get a vote from people of conscience. The reason is obvious: there exists a hierarchy of values, and at the top of that list is the dignity of all human beings, not just fair-skinned human beings.In the same way, a political candidate who advocates for abortion should be automatically disqualified from earning our vote.* Abortion is an act of violence which kills a baby. Our pictures prove that fact. And just as there can be no justification for discriminating between human beings of different races, there is no justification for discriminating between human beings of different ages. All human beings deserve human rights.”A person is a person, no matter how small,” said Dr. Seuss. And we concur. Always vote pro-life.