Kitsap Sun Delays Publication of ACP Editorial Response

On October 14, 2009, the Kitsap Sun Editorial Board published a condemnation of the Anti-Choice Project (ACP) and those who work to expose abortion through the use of graphic images. Co-Founders of the ACP, Tom Herring and Andrew St.Hilaire submitted their response two days later.

Today, three weeks later, that letter was finally published. We cannot help but suspect that this was an attempt to marginalize our response to their criticism. Shame on the Kitsap Sun, waiting three weeks to print our reply to their attack piece against the ACP.

Click here to read the edited version and please voice your support for the ACP and your opposition to the horror of abortion, which the ACP is working diligently to expose, by commenting (nearly 100 comments already)! Below is the unedited version:

Dear Editor,

You rightly observe that our pictures of unborn babies shred to pieces by abortion are offensive. But rather than express your outrage with the local abortionists who show up to work every day at 623 Riddell Road — financially profiting from the act depicted — you condemn those working to expose the horror of baby-killing.

We are radically reshaping the way people think about abortion. We are focusing the debate away from abstractions like “choice” by showing the reality of what is being chosen. Our pictures dispel the myth that abortion is a complex and nuanced moral dilemma. They prove that it is an act of violence which kills a baby.

The Anti-Choice Project is here because abortion is here. We are here because Washingtonians are not very bothered by abortion — not sufficiently bothered, anyway, to do anything to stop it. Year after year they continue to elect pro-abortion politicians like Murray, Cantwell, Dicks, Gregoire and Obama. (They are not bothered, incidentally, until you show them what it means to 3,500 helpless babies every day.)

Like all successful movements of social reform, we will continue to confront Americans with a challenging and inconvenient message, so that the injustice of abortion is made unthinkable in our society.

Tom Herring and Andrew St. Hilaire
Co-Founders, The Anti-Choice Project