Protect Our Daughters

Recently I received an e-mail about a Bill being heard in the Washington State Senate. It’s a parental notification bill. In Washington State, and 11 other states in the country (and Washington DC), a minor girl does not need consent from her parents to procure an abortion. For most people, the image that comes to mind when we think of parental notification is a girl ashamed of her teen pregnancy, wanting to hide from her parents. While this sad scenario is probably common, a more sinister and dangerous problem lurks behind minors getting abortions without parental consent.

Imagine checking your voicemail and hearing the sweet voice of your teenage daughter saying,

“Hey mom (or dad), I’m going to the Mall with some friends. We’re just going to hang out for a while. Don’t worry, I’ll be home around dinner.”

She doesn’t come home.

She is brought home months later, rescued from a sex trafficking ring.

She has been abused, raped,

and given an abortion.


That last part? Yeah, that’s legal in California, Connecticut, Washington DC, Hawaii, Maine, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Vermont and Washington (according to the Planned Parenthood website).

Sex Trafficking

In these states, helping a minor procure an abortion without notifying her parents is perfectly legal. For pro-lifers this is horrifying and infuriating. As it turns out, it’s even infuriating for some pro-choicers, like this mom.

This seems ridiculous doesn’t it? They are minors after all. We have laws against minors drinking alcohol, buying cigarettes, having sex with adults, and minors in pornography.  Laws against minors having abortions without notifying their parents?  What? No way! That would allow… parents to protect their daughters! That would allow a young woman to actually have a right to choose to have her baby with the support of her parents!

Imagine that. If we want to do our young women a favor, how about giving them some actual support? How about making it a requirement for the people who love them to know what’s going on?

Sex trafficking is generating a lot of buzz in the news and social justice circles lately. In the wake of International Women’s Day I’d say that it’s important to know about how to protect, not only grown women who are forced into these unimaginably violent and nightmarish situations, but also the young girls who fall into them and become trapped by the pimp and organizations like Planned Parenthood. It’s no wonder that Planned Parenthood doesn’t support parental notification bills, when they stand to lose some business because of them.What ethical organization could be complicit in covering up rape? In covering the tracks of a pimp? That’s right, Planned Parenthood. 

Here’s some video evidence of that.

Senate Bill 5289 just went through a 2nd Reading in the Washington State Senate. It’s called the “Protect our Daughters” bill or “Parental notice before abortion”. Without parental notification laws the pregnant girl won’t be protected from being forced to have an abortion by: 

  1. A rapist/pedophile
  2. A sex trafficker
  3. Angry parents of boyfriends
  4. Teachers and school counselors who think they know better than her own parents
  5. Anyone who has no business taking your child to Planned Parenthood to murder your grandchild

There are all sorts of horrors hiding behind the word “abortion”, hopefully sex trafficking can be one less with parental notification laws.

I pray this bill passes and that Planned Parenthood is stopped in it’s tracks. I pray the remaining states with lacking laws around this will follow suit to help protect those being exploited by the sex trade. 

The human person deserves more than abortion.