As you know, we have a handful of our protest videos posted online. Recently — in the past month or so — the viewership of our Chad Smalley video has been growing exponentially. This is fortuitous because not only do viewers get to witness the irrational vitriol and violence which so commonly spews from pro-abortionists, but they also get to see the mangled, blood-drenched bodies of 10 week old babies killed by abortion – many for the first time. The video has been posted for well over a year now, and has almost 50,000 views. A month ago it was at 30,000. We are getting almost a thousand views a day now. (If you haven’t already seen it, watch below [Warning: extreme language].)

Naturally, the number of comments made on the video is also increasing exponentially. Someone just wrote in complaining that the word “babies” is emotionally charged, and that we should only be referring to them as “fetuses.” Using the maximum character limit, here was Tom’s reply:

“Fetus” is used deliberately as it makes them seem less human. In order to kill other innocent human beings, it is always necessary to first de-humanize them. It is why in 1857 the Supreme Court declared blacks “a subordinate and inferior class of beings.” It is why Hitler described Jews as “parasites” in Mein Kampf. As Ben Stein wrote, “Pro-aborts are like the Germans who refused to think about what was happening at Dachau and then vomitted when they saw and never wanted to see again.”

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