Belfair Protest = Another Letter to the Editor

The ACP made it’s first debut outside Kitsap County this past Saturday as we protested in Belfair, WA. It was an great location to expose “Choice” and the response was greatly supportive. There were of course a few who made sure we knew we were not welcome. A lady shouted out her car window, “What are you doing in Belfair?! They don’t even have an abortion clinic here!” But the truth is, people in Belfair are having abortions, have had abortions and are complacent in the injustice of abortion, as is true all across America. She continued, “You’re going to get yourselves shot!” She then proceeded to hurl eggs at one of us — though we were fortunate she had poor aim.

Not at all surprising that someone willing to tolerate violence against unborn human beings would have no problem acting out violently against born human beings.

This weekend’s protest has inspired yet another letter to the editor, this time calling into question whether holding pictures of aborted babies constitutes free speech. Please read and comment:
The letter writer’s question has been answered in several court cases, most recently the 9th circuit court decision Center for Bio-Ethical Reform vs. LA County Sheriffs Department:

“the government cannot silence messages simply because they cause discomfort, fear, or even anger.”