Standing With Planned Parenthood

Yesterday, March 19th, the Anti-Choice Project took Planned Parenthood up on their invitation to stand with them during an hour-and-a-half rally at Cal Anderson Park in Seattle. You can imagine their surprise when we joined the crowd carrying 4′ X 3′ pictures of what babies look like as they leave Planned Parenthood.

Marc Snyder, director of ACP Seattle, organized the counter protest which included 11 ACP volunteers. Planned Parenthood rallied a few hundred pro-aborts to listen as members of Planned Parenthood and of public office (including King County Executive Dow Constantine (D)) decried attempts by our new congress to cut millions in federal subsidizing of Planned Parenthood, and gave testimony to the greatness of the abortion giant. This was no easy task, as each speaker attempted to extol the virtues of an organization responsible for the carnage displayed on 11 signs around them.

Many of the pro-aborts in attendance scrambled to do whatever they could to prevent the images from being seen. Yet no one was able to answer the question posed to them, “If abortion is a morally defensible choice, why do you feel the need to cover it up?” (One woman covering my sign even responded sincerely, “That’s a good question.”)

One thing is clear. Pro-lifers dispute the power and effectiveness of using abortion pictures to change hearts and minds. Pro-aborts do not.