The Mainstream Media’s Double Standard

Here is yet another perfect example of the Mainstream Media’s (MSM) double standard when it comes to airing graphic material. If you haven’t heard, the UK has put together a Public Service Ad (PSA) which is intended to “scare” or educate young people on the dangers of text-messaging while driving. The PSA shows, in graphic detail, a fictional account of a car of young girls getting into an accident because the driver was text-messaging on her cell phone. The video is considered so graphic that it has generated a lot of controversy.

But is the video “too disturbing to show on television”? Quite the contrary. CNN has aired the graphic portion of the PSA in its entirety, before which the commentator warned, “This is very difficult to watch, but you need to see it. It could save your life.” And while the PSA plays for a second time in the background, the host of the show discusses the video with guest, Michael Sinclair, of the Automotive Club of New York, who admits, “It’s very hard hitting, but that is the reality of the situation… It’s hard hitting, but I think we need to show these kind of things.”

Contrast this to the coverage the Anti-Choice Project and the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform have received over the years. Despite it having been proved without a doubt that graphic images of abortion change the minds of women and men thinking of killing their babies, not to mention the life saving impact these images have by swaying public opinion against the act itself, it remains to be seen that any major news outlet would air images or video of aborted babies because it could save a life. Rather, it would seem the MSM goes out of its way to cover up these images for this very reason. But I guess it’s no secret that the MSM believes this act, which is “too disturbing” to show on television, is a constitutionally protected right.

Compare the above to coverage of CBR’s Reproductive Choice Campaign: