The Real Battle Has Begun

acp-planned-parenthood-biddingIt’s been 5 weeks since the Planned Parenthood video investigation  scandal first broke. My heart is heavy and I’ve been spending much of this past month trying to collect my thoughts. I feel a mix of disgust and anger and horror and relief. Relief that this darkness is being brought to light.

It’s quite a bit to process: I feel like we are standing inside one of those pivotal moments in history and yet I feel completely inadequate and inert.

I think part of my problem is that I’m overwhelmed by all of the nonstop information about the investigation. Every time I open any social media account there’s a new article, a fresh angle, a new video, and on and on and on.

I check out blogs or open the newspaper and there are new talking points and viewpoints and opinion polls and infographics  and hash tags. And everyone is trying to say all the things that need to be said.

And I’ve got nothing new to say.

I just can’t keep up with all the zings and truth bombs and clever memes and creative analogies and smart arguments and all the words. It’s moving so fast and the conversation keeps shifting and to be honest it leaves me numb and paralyzed.

Not because I am apathetic but because I care so much. And because I’m scared. This battle has really just begun. Is something really going to change?

It has to. It just has to.

But then I read the words of pro-choicers and fence-sitters and it feels like the same old volleying back and forth of attacks and rebuttals. I naively thought that something like this, videos revealing the evil and reality of abortion, would make it impossible to skirt around what is really going on.

But we’ve got plenty of skirting; of trying to change the subject. Babies are being cut up and sold for profit and we have people talking about finding a compromise or how joblessness should be as equally upsetting. Are you kidding me?

And it makes me wonder, are hearts really going to be changed by a witty political cartoon? Do people really stop and think? Or do they just consume the information, scroll past the articles, and move on, hungry for more.

Is this really going to be our Wilberforce moment? Are these little babies our Emmett Till?

Oh, please Lord, let this be the moment we’ve been waiting for – let this be the pivotal moment in this fight against abortion.

I can’t sit frozen on the side lines. If we want this to be a turning point, we’re all going to have to do our part. Even if I don’t have any new thoughts or fancy infographics or creative memes, I can still do something, I can keep fighting this worthy fight in my own small way.

So this is what I’m going to do:

  • Remember that these videos show real people. It’s so easy for me to forget that these are videos are not just a tactic in this battle for life. They not just something to use, to “like” and consume. These videos show very real babies. But they also show other people – real people with dignity and worth. People like the doctors and procurement technicians and researchers and the mamas and the dads, who have wounds deep down in their souls, whether they know it or not.
  • Fast and pray for our country, for our lawmakers, for those who have see the videos and  are still blind to evils of abortion, for all those who are involved with this kind of work, for anyone who has had an abortion, for anyone has been hurt by the lies and deception of Planned Parenthood.
  • Financially support a mama who chose life for her sweet baby.
  • Protest Planned Parenthood and stand unified with others who fighting this battle for equal rights for all humans.

What about you? How do you plan on fighting this worthy fight?